Human Touch iJoy Ride

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Human Touch iJoy Ride

Get on track for serious core strengthening with the Human Touch iJoy Ride. This unique and exciting balance trainer improves coordination skills, flattens the stomach and builds core muscle strength. The iJoy Ride delivers the most fun you’ll ever have while getting a great workout.

The Human Touch iJoy Ride’s unique balance challenge works your muscles while you simply keep your balance. This balance trainer is an easy and fun way to strengthen, reshape, tone and train your body!

4 Speeds

Warm-up – Get used to the iJoy Ride’s motion.
Taking it Easy – Once you’re warmed up.
Getting Serious – Think you’re ready?
Pump it Up – A full-gallop workout.

Auto Program

Let the iJoy Ride automatically cycle between all four speeds for the ultimate and most well-rounded workout.

Visco foam ergo seat

Visco foam padding provides a comfortable seat that molds to your body.

3-axis motion

Pitching motion – Tones the abs.
Rolling motion – Strengthens inner thighs and mid-torso muscles.
Yawing motion – Targets the lumbar muscles.

Human Touch iJoy Ride

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